Mommy Knows Best

by Naughty Johnny

I grew up, went to college, married (etc.), and yet, every time I go “home”, I am treated like “a little boy” again. 

True, I am the baby of the family, and, I suppose this is the rationale behind the treatment I receive when I return home, and so explains to a degree why my “Mommy” is still strict with me, and even ruthless, merciless and quite sadistic, in my opinion. 

I am always anxious when I know a visit home to “Mommy” is imminent.  I think this is because I always anticipate a good scolding from her, and, since I’m now a grown 
Adult-Man, this is especially embarrassing; the humiliation puts me right back in my place as Her “little boy,” wanting to please, but always a little naughty! With every visit, I steady myself in anticipation, and ready myself  to obey.  It never fails, she will treat me like a baby, a young little boy, and I will receive a very firm corporal punishment when I am “naughty.”

It started for me when I was quite young. I will not go into the circumstances, but I found myself in the care of a single mom and living in a home with older sisters. Her name was Susan but she insisted I call her “Mommy.” She had a girlfriend whose name was Carlene who spent a lot of time at our house. 

I found myself in a household of women, only women, and very strong women!

I remember one day in particular that set me on the course of the “naughty little baby boy” in this household of strong women. We had all been out shopping and I had been a “bad boy,” wandering off and touching things. I got the spanking threat many times, and when we arrived home, I did something that I never should have done. I slapped Carlene across her bum. My Mother went ballistic! She took a cut-off belt/strap out of the kitchen drawer and proceeded to strap my hands very hard in front of Carlene and two of my step sisters. She grabbed me by the arm and took me down the hall to her bedroom, where my pants were pulled down and I was laid across a pillow on her bed. She redden my bare bum with her strap.

OMG, did it sting.

I think what made me this submissive man/boy is having to return to the kitchen and stand in the corner for a longtime, with my pants down, and my stinging red ass visible to all the women in the house. My sisters actually looked a little scared. Carlene laughed and smiled.

I cried, and apologized! I was stunned, and pleaded for mercy.

The response to my pleading and begging: Mommy knows best!

I will never forget that, and I would be lying if I did not admit that this happened many more times over the course of my upbringing.

Indeed, it continues to this day!

Yes, it is true.  Mommy knows best!

Miss Cain’s Reform School

​Story of little Peter

Early last spring, a dear Lady brought her nephew to me. The story of his reform, naughty young Peter, follows in all its sordid detail.  

The school course was already underway, but I was prepared to make an exception, for I was familiar with the family and knew the dear Lady well.  According to Peter’s file, nothing so far had worked to motivate the lad to changes his ways, and the dear Lady feared (quite rightly) that this poor unfortunate soul, her nephew, would continue down a path of no-good! 

That the situation was dire would be an understatement. Peter was a delinquent who showed no improvement whatsoever! No change in behavior, no matter the “punishment” he “suffered” (for example, grounding or rescinding of privileges etc). Indeed, this young lad went from bad to worse.  Laughable!

It was obvious the situation demanded drastic measures.  If not, this lad would surely continue to flounder, and, in my experience, the future of a youngster who lacks discipline, goals and purpose is bleak!

As it happens, the dear Lady, helpless to change the “naughty” behavior of Peter, and feeling she could no longer cope on her own, contacted me. This is how young Peter was remanded to my care, and so, he immediately entered Reform school. Sometimes, the only solution to serious naughty behavior is Reform School, and, usually, this is a last resort!   

I should mention, Miss Cain’s Reformatory is exclusive, and accepts only the very naughty, deviant, lazy and obstinate troublemakers! 

I waited in my office to greet my new pupil. As he stood in the doorway with his Aunt, I noticed a “bad attitude” right away!  So cocky, and such a lack of respect! Shifting from leg to leg, hands in pockets, rolling his eyes, and all this under the circumstances! 

Oh my!

Momentarily surprised that he would dare to give me attitude at this point of no return, as a delinquent remanded to my care and discipline, and with nowhere to go after this, I put my foot down! I decided to put a stop to his “attitude” right then and there, and so grabbed him by the ear and pulled him to my desk. 

I am a no-nonsense Lady, and do not tolerate naughty behavior at my school.

Not once, Not Ever! 

Mischievous, naughty attitudes will not be tolerated ....nor will bad behavior, ... lack of respect to obvious superiors, ... slovenly, lazy posture ....need I go on!?!

Now that I have introduced you to the story of naughty boy Peter, and provided some background on how he came under my care as a pupil at my school, I will update and give you a detailed account of his punishment and training...

To begin, RULES apply, and every pupil is given a list in advance!  Breaking the rules, any infraction, and there are consequences!

-to be continued-

Letter from a potential pupil!


Dear Miss Isabela:

I would like to recount a memory I have of a spanking that I got from my aunt, when I was being cared for her; as my mom was in hospital for surgery. I was a young man. My mom had given my aunt permission to discipline me if needed, ( I did not know). Anyways, I had been a general nuisance to my aunt since my getting to her home: complaining, acting like I was untouchable,etc.. One day, my aunt had enough; and told me to follow her.. she took me into her bedroom and shut the door behind us.. she lectured me for a bit.. and told me that my mom had given her permission to spank me, if she found it necessary.. and then she told me to take all my clothes off, and then lay across her lap.. I complied thinking I could withstand this.. my aunt crossed one leg across my legs, 'so that you cannot get anywhere, while I spank you, young man'. Well the hand spanking was furiously hot, my bum felt like a thousand bees biting my flesh; I did not keep count, all I remember is that hand hitting my sore upturned bum-feeling very humiliated to be across my aunt's lap. After both bum cheeks were thoroughly spanked; my aunt stopped; but the next thing I knew is the sting of another implement, her trusty hairbrush, a broad, antique style brush, which my aunt declared I was going to receive 75 swats to each of my bare bum.. I started verbally protesting.. that I was going to tell my mom what umy antie did,etc.. my auntie promptly told me the punishment was now going to be 100 on each bare bum cheek.. and would I like to add more? I will never forget the hot, red, bum my aunt gave me that day.. as each round of 25 on each bum was completed, my aunt would pause..'to let the sting set in'.. and then begin again.. I did not sit comfortably for a day or so after.. every time I saw my aunt I would get red-faced thinking of the spanking and her gentle reminder from time to time of her readiness to give me a dose whenever she felt I deserved it. 

Thank you for listening Isabela,


We went out to celebrate my birthday one night.  We wound up at a fetish party hosted by a shop we've gone into several times.  "Private" event which means that more or less anything goes.  The space they use is very large and very well equipped.  Probably 20 pieces of bondage equipment in the main room.  There is another room which is almost half the size of the main room which is usually reserved for private play.  If the crowd gets very large they open it up as a second main room.  Of course they give whoever's in there a few minutes to get released and put their clothes back on......if they so choose.  

She'd reserved this room for us for an hour and we'd just gotten started.  When we went in she told me to get undressed and stand over by the vertical pillory.  She got undressed too which got me hard right off the bat.  I'd never been in stocks like that.  I don't know why, but I always had the idea that they were just for show.  That it would be easy to get out of.  Maybe because they're so old fashioned and don't have separate restraints like cuffs or ropes.  She opened up the top half of the pillory and said, "Here.....let's see how you look in here."  We were alone so I was pretty sure I was safe from any of her usual antics.  I obligingly bent over and placed my wrists and neck in the openings.  She closed the top and latched it. WOW!  I couldn't move at all.  Plus I was bent over at the waist at about a 45-degree angle so I felt really vulnerable.  I have a large neck and when she latched the pillory closed it was so tight around my neck that I couldn't really twist my head from side to side. I could nod a little.....that was about it.  Then she cuffed my ankles and fastened them to the base of the pillory about 36 inches apart.  After that she started teasing me all over.  Running her hands over my rock hard cock and squeezing my balls until I squirmed.  Spanking me playfully and tickling me until I screamed for her to stop.  All the time I was marveling at how secure and immobile I was in the pillory.  

Then I heard her rustling around in her bag ....

-to be continued...


a very special night...

            by BOB

I entered the room. Mistress Isabela, the discipline mistress was waiting for me. She looked stern and at the same time somewhat matter of fact-ish.

She said she was surprised to hear that i needed to spend more time with her again. She said "It seems like our last attempt at discipline was only a month ago. I must refer to it as an attempt because clearly it did not have a sustained enough impact."

I will address that problem this time for sure. So this time I am told that you have been rude. I have heard that you have become overly familiar and frequently say "yeah" as opposed to "yes, mistress". 

"Worse than that I have heard that you continue to masturbate when you should be studying and on occasion have brushed up against women in ways that seen very close to groping. Clearly all of this misbehavior must come to end. After many years of working at behavior modification, I can honestly say that the quickest and most effective therapy for you is corporal punishment. Nothing  else will get the required result as quickly." 

She then handed me a form which said that I was giving up all of my rights, my punishment would be given without regard to any protests, screams or cries. The punishment mistress would determine my sentence and adjust it according to her wishes. The form included a statement from me that I was in good health and understand that I was going to be subjected to severe corporal punishment.

She said that my only choice was to sign it or be expelled from school. She also said that she was aware that my parents would eliminate my trust fund if I was expelled from yet another school. I really had no choice but to sign the form and hope for some mercy from the merciless discipline mistress. 

She pointed to a chair and said "assume the position, you know what that means. It is important for you to willingly participate in your punishment . It is important for you to share in the responsibility for your behavior correction. I dropped my pants and leaned over. 

"Wait a second she said. You still have some protection from your boxers. Do you expect I will allow that. In fact given that you are a repeat offender, I think you need  the humiliation  of being punished without the benefit of any clothes. You need the humiliation of being naked in front of a powerful woman.

This was a surprise and I blurted out "are you serious ?" The discipline mistress immediately yelled, "Who are you to question me. This is the height of impertinence.  You might have undergone some hand discipline and perhaps some strap. I see no choice but to move immediately to the paddle. It will only get worse if you don't remove those clothes quickly. 

As I stripped leaving any semblance of modesty , I watched as she brought out of her closet an authentic antique sorority paddle. The paddle was made from hard wood, was thick and had a shiny dark varnish. It was long and wide. Long enough to have an impact on both cheeks with a single swat. It had the Greek letters of some sorority inscribed on one side. Her hand fit perfectly around its handle. It was made for a purpose by someone who knew what they were doing. She waved it back and forth a few times.  Clearly it had heft. I knew this was going to hurt. 

She then said that any punishment started out with 6 strokes. For repeat offenders it is double or 12. She also assessed an additional 6 strokes for my earlier "impertinence". 

She then said that she knew that some who received discipline were more resilient than others. When the required strokes had been administered there will be an assessment of the results. Mistress Isabel said she would take into consideration whether there was adequate remorse as well as a red glow to the recipient's buttocks. Lacking either would result in more punishment in order to ensure proper mental and physical impact. A sore bottom is a key goal of the punishment process. 

She then told me to let her know when I was ready. I was instructed to ask for my punishment to begin.

And do I did. 


by Joe B.

The only person who scares me even a little is my girlfriend.  She got me started with bondage a couple of years ago and it really changed my life.  The only thing is that she's all about pushing limits, which is good, but she would much rather push too far too fast than move slowly.  That's good too, but I'm a reasonably modest and private person and when we go to one of the fetish clubs around here she likes to get me in some predicament and them push my "limits" like crazy.  It always works out all right in the end somehow, but it's dizzying too.  Plus she always swears that she's not "...up to something this time" when she restrains me, but I always wind up exposed and humiliated -- which is what she loves more than anything else in the world.  

NAUGHTY PETER'S Discipline ...cont.

Before I continue in earnest, let me provide the spanking protocol

for an initial punishment OTK....









She loves to see me squirm and beg her not to do things.  I can't tell if I beg her not to do these things because I really don't want her to do them....or because I do.  Either way.......I'm the one naked on the X-frame with two middle-aged lesbians shaving my balls, or tied to a bondage table with total strangers paying HER $5 so they can tickle torture me for three minutes, or hung up in a bondage sling blindfolded with my legs spread wide apart and gagged for people to gawk at when they first come into the club.  She's always said that when you restrain someone you should have at least one thing happen to them that they wouldn't allow if they weren't tied up.  And it never fails.   In truth I'm always cool with whatever happened afterwards, but it's torture while it's going on.  Torture for me.  Ecstasy for her.  She revels in my discomfiture.  


LETTER to Miss Isabela

Dear Ma'am,


I accept my punishment.  I know I will receive a “no warm up punishment spanking," and I know your sadistic side will enjoy seeing a grown man in tears:

I know my Punishment:

1) Having icy hot placed on my palm, and forced to stand in front of you (while you are seated) while you explain what is in store for me in terms of punishment.

2) Mouth soaping before the spanking without rinsing until after the spanking is completed.

3) a ginger fig inserted for 30 minutes or duration of the spanking.

4) 100 no warm up swats with your hands over the knee.

5) 50 swats with a wooden hairbrush over your knee

6) 40 swats with a wooden yardstick while bending over a chair

7) 35 swats with a switch will bending over a chaiR

8) Then forced to stand again in front of you with a timer (a bath brush swat for every 10 seconds it takes me to complete).

9) Then placed over the knee for a wooden bath brush spanking (number determined based on the above).

10) Then, bawling uncontrollably, I am comforted with a hugging into your bosom.