By appointment only.

Contact me at 

to discuss scheduling and tribute details.

All sessions are conducted at a private location

Correspondence/Distance Training

I also offer correspondence services, suitable for those who require on-going discipline in-between our in-person sessions and/or for those of you who are unable to visit me in person because of location.  I accept distance training clients on a case-by-case evaluation.

A 5-10 minute introductory phone consultation (and/or 3 email consultation) should allow us to establish a meaningful connection as well as reasoned decision on the best way to proceed (i.e. based on what I perceive to be your needs and discipline requirements).

If I accept you as a correspondence client, I expect you to follow protocol and report to to me under the conditions of our agreement or contract.

I might also assign tasks, and, if I deem this central to your situation and needs, I expect you to fulfill your end of the bargain if you hope to continue under my guidance.

Tribute is based on time I spend, reading your emails and writing you back, designing and developing assignments specific to your needs. 

Tribute will be discussed in our initial consultation.

Phone Sessions

I enjoy phone sessions, as either a continuation of our in-person connection and real-time experience or as such!

Look for me on (Miss Isabela) or call me and inquire. Paypal is accepted.